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Railteam goes OpenIMS

November 2010. Railteam is an alliance of seven European high-speed rail operators. The aim of the group is to offer integrated high-speed rail travel between major European cities and to compete with airlines on punctuality, environment, pricing and speed. Communication mainly evolves through one of the 5 language websites, currently with network map, timetables and Railteam mobile as most important sections online.

The 5 websites are in on-going development ever since. For the sake of ‘moving fast', Railteam decided in 2009 not to build the new websites ‘in a CMS'. Now the websites are live and in a stable phase, Railteam desires to port the site to a professional and mature CMS, with the objectives to:

• Decrease time needed for managing the site (efficiency).
• Improve quality control.
• Decrease development time (in the future).

After an intensive selection procedure Railteam selected OpenIMS as their major Content Management solution enabling the content delivery to all present and future customers.

At this moment OpenIMS is implemented in narrow coöperation with Railteam.

About OpenSesame ICT
OpenSesame ICT is a Dutch software company that focuses on the creation of knowledge intensive business solutions based on the Open Source platform. These solutions are delivered under the name OpenIMS and SugarCRM. With several projects on Content, Document, Knowledge, CRM and Workflow Management OpenSesame ICT has proven to deliver outstanding solutions for knowledge and information management. For more information please contact Mr. H.W.W. Kunst (Business Development Manager) bdm@osict.com or visit the websites www.osict.com and/or www.openims.com.

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